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Relax , Revive , Rejuvenate  & Wellness

Best bath products for your bathroom self-care routine

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 New Arrival 

Eyelash bath condensed cleaner.png

Eyelashes Bath 
Condensed  Cleanser

  • Clean eyelashes

  • Prevent germs

  • Helps supplying nutrition

  • Optimized for eyelid health

  • Most comfortable PH level 6.5~7.0 to human eyes

silicon bath brush.PNG

Silicon Bath Towel

Food Grade Silicon
Deep Cleaning 
Rich in Foaming

Bath Massage 

Fitness is more than just working out, it’s a lifestyle.

 You need ease pain or tension, lower  physical stress,  improve your overall health and functioning after sore muscles fitness.

 New Arrival 

powerful tooth powder

Food Grade Vanilla Peptide Tooth Powder 

The powerful tooth powder, stronger mouthfeel to hemp suitable for people with periodontal disease at various stages, can reduce periodontal disease, gingivitis, tooth nerve pain, redness and hemorrhage, root movement, bad breath and tongue break problem. This mouthfeel to hemp is herbals of functional anti- bacterial. 

N。2 Tooth Powder.jpg

Food Grade Vanilla Peptide Tooth Powder N。2

 Vanilla mint has a mild and refreshing taste, effectively decomposes 
tea stains / coffee stains /smoke stains / plaque / dental calculus

Meet AirBeauty , Find professional skin care tools, anti-aging devices and more useful tech

 A proper skincare routine is a must for radiant and glowing skin. , a proper moisturiser is important for hydration. Restore your skin's youthfulness, smooth fine lines, fade pigmentation, increase collagen and address acne with our incredible treatments that deliver real results

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 New Arrival 

RF & EMS facial caire.jpg

Radio Frequency Hot Red &  EMS Cool Blue Light Facial & Eye Care



Silicone Rechargeable spatula skin scrubber ultrasonic peeling beauty machine



Diamond Microdermabrasion Tips Diamond Peel Fit Head Angle Machine


 New Arrival 

slimming tea.PNG

Taiwan Bitter Gourd Fat Decomposing Peptide Instant Tea


1. Clear blood , break down fat, prevent arteriosclerosis.

2. Dehumidification, edema,  promote metabolishm and cleanse the system.

3. Stimulate intestinal secretion, help to promote healthy bowel movements and prevent constipation.

4. In addition to toxic , clear blood and blood sugar.

5. Protect the cardiovascular system, remove free radicals, and relieve fatigue.

Herbal energy instant drinks tend to use and combine natural variety of effects achieve ​people who boosting immunity preventing virus.

Taiwan Biotechnology Agriculture Industry  

About us

AirLink iLife Inc. established in 2012 is a Taiwanese company.

AirBeauty is one of our brands designed to nourish and protect the skin , oral re-care and body health, while providing the most scientifically advanced peptide anti-wrinkle ingredients available an exclusive line of skincare and Chinese diet therapy healthcare food products,  especial Taiwan Biotechnology Agriculture Industry herbal energy instant drinks tend to use and combine natural variety of effects achieve ​people who boosting immunity preventing virus.

Our benefits are 

●Flexible and innovative.

●Environmental protection and naturalness have always been the main factors in our products line.

● Spa at home ; Feel comfortable, Relaxing  & Health.



Test Report

SGS Test Report Tooth Powder
SGS Test report tooth powder.PNG
SGS-Triclosan report.PNG
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