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Fitness is more than just working out, it’s a lifestyle.

 You need ease pain or tension, lower  physical stress,  improve your overall health and functioning after sore muscles fitness.

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Acupressure shakti mat and pillow set.PN

Acupressure shakti mat and pillow set

Acupressure shakti mat and pillow set is a portable that uses acupressure to relieve aches and pains. It works on similar principles to acupuncture, using acupressure to relieve different symptoms and pain. 


Integrating lifestyle combined MP3 with Bluetooth 5.0 into the headgear, 
eye mask, hat, etc.; digital, communication, audio-visual products add 
beautiful fashion.

The perfect integration has greatly facilitated people's sports, dance, travel,
yoga, sleep, etc., 


Stretch Equipment Back Massager

Fitness Lumbar Relaxation Acupuncture Mate 

Spinal Pain Relieve Sponge acupuncture self massage tool

Meet AirBeauty , Find professional skin care tools, anti-aging devices and more useful tech

 A proper skincare routine is a must for radiant and glowing skin. , a proper moisturiser is important for hydration. Restore your skin's youthfulness, smooth fine lines, fade pigmentation, increase collagen and address acne with our incredible treatments that deliver real results

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Silicone Rechargeable spatula skin scrubber ultrasonic peeling beauty machine


Diamond Microdermabrasion Tips Diamond Peel Fit Head Angle Machine



Ultrasonic silicone Rechargeable Anti-aging Wrinkle Facial Massager/ Eye Massager Heated Vibration

New Technology Supercritical Fluid Extraction Cell Broken Peptides of herbs and supplements

Supplements aren’t meant to replace prescribed medication or other doctor-approved therapies. But they can be helpful additions to your care plan. The use of complementary therapies continues to gain popularity,with 100% nature herbals certain herbs contain phytochemicals that may help ease symptoms associated . Herbal supplements typically come in extract, tea, or powder.

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Uric Acid Complex Capsules Medicine for gout

Natural herbs to Reduce Uric Acid in the Body, help your body get rid of uric acid and gout, also help balance your blood sugar and lower uric acid levels in your body naturally.

Food Grade Vanilla Peptide Tooth Powder 

The powerful tooth powder, stronger mouthfeel to hemp suitable for people with periodontal disease at various stages, can reduce periodontal disease, gingivitis, tooth nerve pain, redness and hemorrhage, root movement, bad breath and tongue break problem. This mouthfeel to hemp is herbals of functional anti- bacterial. 

Food Grade Vanilla Peptide Tooth Powder N。2

 Vanilla mint has a mild and refreshing taste, effectively decomposes 
tea stains / coffee stains /smoke stains / plaque / dental calculus

About Us

AirLink iLife Inc established in 2006 is a Taiwanese company dedicated to manufacturing, marketing and distribution products with high quality standards  and the best technology, such like RF, ionic , sonic, EMS beauty tools. We are adding new technology Peptides( → Polypeptide → Protein) , Cell Broken and Supercritical Fluid Extraction in natural herbal Dietary supplements food BIO in the herbal field.


We are a comprehensive company committed to provide ODM/ OEM for our customers with the best of the best in the market.


AirBeauty is one of our brands designed to nourish and protect the skin , oral re-care and body health, while providing the most scientifically advanced peptide anti-wrinkle ingredients available an exclusive line of skincare and diet body health food / care products, that allows our customers to enjoy their own spa at home making them feel comfortable,relaxing and health.


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