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Acupressure shakti mat and pillow set

Acupressure shakti mat and pillow set is a portable mat that uses acupressure to relieve aches and pains. It works on similar principles to acupuncture, using acupressure to relieve different symptoms and pain. 


In traditional Chinese medicine there are 365 acupressure points along the twelve meridians of the body. When these points are pressed, it can help to release muscular tension, promote circulation of blood and aid the body's natural healing processes. 

Using the Acupressure shakti mat and pillow for 20 minutes per day may help to relieve aches and pains, boost energy levels, relieve stress and insomnia.


  • Anti stress traditional method of the nail bed

  •  230 ABS  Nail flowers with 6,210 acupuncture  points provides equal pressure at all points where the body comes in contact with the mat.

  • Increase energy levels

  • Improve blood circulation,

  • Relief tension and pain

  • Relax you body and mind

  • High quality Original Cotton  cover

  • High quality foam inside

  • Color as per customer's requirement

  • Pillow has 23 ABS Nail flowers with 621 acupuncture  points

Product Structure 


plastic Nail flowers   

100% Cotton    

How to use?

  • Carefully lie down on the Acupressure shakti mat . Distribute your weight evenly over the contact points. For the first few minutes, you will may experience nuisance; this will decrease over time. Take a deep breath and remain still. 

  • We advise to use the mat daily to enjoy the Acupuncture Mat’s effects, they may develop once you start using the mat more frequently. 

  • The Acupuncture Mat should not generate pain. If it does hurt, place a thin sheet between your body and the mat. After a period of time, try using the Acupuncture Mat without a protective layer.

Recommended time of use: 

Week 1:  10 min

Week 2:  20 min

After 2 weeks:  20- 40 min

Basic Positions 

1.  Back 

Lay the mat out on an even surface and lay down with your back to the mat. If possible, place a pillow under your neck. This stimulates the acupuncture points along the spine relieving tension and stress.

2.  Stomach 

 Lay the mat out on an even surface and lay down on your stomach as shown in the picture. Making sure your shoulders and head are above the top of the mat. This helps to improve your metabolism and loosen tightness in the diaphragm and respiratory muscles.  


3.  Cheek  

Lay down on the mat carefully with your cheek against the mat. If this feels unpleasant, put a thin sheet between the mat and your skin. This position can loosen any tightness in the neck and in the jaw.  

body care.png

4.  Seat

 You can either use the mat on a regular chair or you can lie down and place the mat under your buttocks. This position can loosen tension in the lumbar region and buttocks.  

5. Feet 

Get on your feet on the mat, it will help  to the  sore, tired and cold feet

Eyelash Foam Cleanser_edited_edited.jpg

Shape types & Colors:


Acupressure shakti mat set-inside-1.PNG
Acupressure shakti mat set-inside.PNG


  • Materials:  100% Cotton and ABS plastic

  • 230 ABS  Nail flowers with

  • 6,210 acupuncture  points

  • Product mat size: 68 x 42 cm ( or OEM)

  • Product pillow size: 35*15*15 cm

  • Net weight:  650 g

  • Welcome OEM logo printed


  • Always roll up the mat and keep it in a dry place.  

  • To clean the mat: remove the foam pad inside the mat. Use dishwashing liquid or soap, clean the spiked cover by hand with warm water. Let the cover drip dry.

  • Keep out of the reach of children

Package includes:

1 Acupressure shakti mat and pillow set

1 Carry bag 


Acupressure shakti mat and pillow set
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