Rotary Facial & Body Spa 



  • Soft and smooth youthful advantage. This is a remarkable skin cleansing system

  • Powerful device packed in a tiny size works with batteries came with 4 brushes which has body brush, facial brush, facial sponge and pumice.

  • Cleans the pores and helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles while leaving your skin extra soft and radiant.

  • The AIR-C23 Rotary Facial & Body Spa Cleaning Massager is a professional cleaning system has rotating head provide a micro massage of the skin that removes dead skin cells.



AIR- C23 Rotary Facial & Body Spa  

How to use 

Body Brush

  • Is recommended for hands and body.

  • Apply soap or cleanser on hand and body.

  • Gently move the brush over your skin surface in circular motion, in order to not hurt yourself.

Facial Brush

  • Small facial brush have very soft bristles especially for exfoliation

  • First clean carefully  your face

  • Apply your favorite cleanser to brush

  • Gently move the brush across your face in a circular motion

  • Is recommended to improving skin’s elasticity and to prevent and erase fine lines and black spots.

  • Small facial brush have very soft bristles especially for face skin. 

  • After deeply exfoliate and clean, dip sponge with your favorite nutritions.

  • Gently move the sponge across your face while making circular movements.

Face Sponge 


  • Pumice efficiently removes hard cells at elbow or under foot 

  • Please immerse your feet in warm water for a while. Then, wipe dry.

  • Apply pumice on feet and move in circles. 


  • Materials: Plastic ABS 

  • Power: 65mW

  • Battery: AA (1.5V)

  • Voltage: DC 1.5V 

  • Using time:  7-8 hours 

  • Product size: 18x 7  x 4.5 cm 


Package includes:

  1 Main Device

  1 Body Brush 

  1 Small Brush 

  1 Face Sponge

  1 Pumice 

  1 User Manual.

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