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Aleppo Soap 50%

Traditional Aleppo Soap 50% 

Aleppo soap is known as Aleppo Ghar Soap, Savon d'Alep, Alep soap, Olive soap, Syrian soap, and in Arabic Language  "Sapun Ghar, and Sapun Halabi"
The history of Aleppo soap goes back more than 8 thousand years to the Syrian city of Aleppo. It is the origin of the hard soaps used today throughout the world. Completely natural, it and contains no synthetic additives, artificial colours or preservatives. Its principal ingredients are olive oil and laurel oil.


The formulations and manufacturing technology, still today is a continuation of the original form, which is very rare. Not all Aleppo soap contain the same laurel/olive oil ratio. 


A perfect combination of 50% olive oil and 50% laurel oil extracted and water, mix into the most 100% pure, natural ancient Mediterranean soap. The mix first heated and then left to cool. After being cut by hand to give it the shape, the soap dries naturally in the shade at least eight months, during which time, the soap will change it's color from green to brown, the longer the time, the color is deeper.



Formula & Manufacturing process 

1) Olive oil, sweet bay oil and water are mixed with sodium hydroxide, heated and then left to cool.

2) Soap is cut from the form, and then left to age in the shade for minimum of 8 months.

3) During which time soap will change its color from green to its trademark brown.


 Safe to bathe babies

Natural and biodegradable Aleppo soap is one of the most famous beauty products of the old age, natural moisturizer and humectant, so pure in its form (it has no preservatives, chemical additives or fragrances). 

Shampoo & Conditioner

It can be used to resolve fine hair brittle, dry hair, bifurcation problems, dandruff problem, use the bubble to give a scalp massage. 
Men may also use be ancient Aleppo soap bubbles to shave, as shaving water, save money

Helps to the naturally skin whitening

Ancient soap is a natural skin whitener: Moving through the layers of melanin and cell metabolism, to the formation of skin epidermis freckles, sunburn, dark spots, and similar antioxidants like vitamin E can reduce the formation of melanin.


Ancient soap and Cleansing: particularly suitable for facial makeup remover to clean after, better than any other effects Cleansing Supplies. Use ancient soap to wash once a day, the equivalent of a day with a mask. And it can be used to deep cleanthe skin to prevent rough skin, moisturize and nourish the skin, make your skin smooth and elastic.

Removes blackheads

Everyone's skin due to physical fitness, diet, patterns of life, work environment, age, will lead to over-stimulate the oil glands and increased sebum secretion, the skin can not be quickly discharged grease so that excess grease filled pores caused obstruction, plus the air of dust, dirt and oxidation, making contact with the air of a gradually darkening, forming a hardened grease blockage that is blackheads.

Removes acne pimples

Olive oil molecules inside the ancient soap is one of the smallest ever found in vegetable oil molecules are able to penetrate the skin deep to oil, decontamination decomposition of aging skin, and laurel oil squalene ingredients contained inside he can play to good bactericidal and repair the problem, most importantly, this process does not leave residue, protects the skin naturally, without any chemical composition, which is the best for man's protection and care.

Moisturize the skin 

The Aleppo soap rich in vitamin A, D, E, K, F and so rich in unsaturated fatty acids, which are easily absorbed by the skin of fat-soluble vitamins, so that the skin fresh and natural, no greasy feeling. Add olive oil contained antioxidant polyphenols, which can effectively prevent cell aging due to oxidation of fat that occurs brings stains, wrinkles and other phenomena. Autumn and winter dry skin, moisturize the skin in a timely manner is the key to skin care, especially for sensitive skin and easy to peel the skin, the skin needs moisture replenishment can only be efficient.

Reduces stretch marks

The stretch marks that appear during pregnancy, are every pregnant woman's headache. Mainly the stretch marks are formed during pregnancy by hormonal influence, the increasingly swollen belly skin elastic fibers and collagen fibers are subject to different degrees of damage or breakage, thinning of the skin, external force of traction, resulting in abdominal wavy stretch marks pink or purple. Olive oil is rich in easily absorbed through the skin of fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, F also rich in unsaturated fatty acids, particularly vitamin E content is the highest of all plants. These vitamins can be absorbed through the skin, not only to retain the original number of nutrients, but also to give more elasticity to the skin.

Aleppo Soap 50%