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A luxurious eye pillow filled with Calocedrus Formosana (Taiwan incense-cedar)  leaves , is the most desired type, and as it is considered an herb of the sun, it is used as a purifying smudge to banish bad thoughts and spirits, meditation, thinking, and boosting the energy of the soul, soothe the nerves and help sleep, and improve the status of obsession. Giving people self-confidence, warmth, and a sense of peace are heart-warming and open-minded. At the same time also has a strong anti-bacterial anti-inflammatory effect, not only has bactericidal activity, but also has the strongest anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory activities, with a removable cover of ultra silky satin.

The pillow adapts wonderfully to the contours of the face, the fine silk fabric has a soothing, cooling effect. The gentle pressure of the cushion on the eyes and face supports the nervous system in relaxation and regeneration. Removable, washable silk cover (hand wash), inner cover of 100% cotton.


This silk eye pillow gives your eyes the rest they deserve after a long exhausting day or a session of yoga

With phytoncide from Taiwan incense-cedar leaves let your mind relax as you delve deep into yoga nidra in savasana after your yoga mediation

and practice as well the way you get your anti-aging natural medicine also during the  time.


Heal, Relax, Rejuvenate. Hot or Cold Therapy. (Microwave or Freeze)

Can be heated at 30 second intervals. Do not overheat.






•             Heat it for 30 seconds in the microwave and use it to calm you and help relieve stress or anxiety. Try it to relieve puffy/dry eyes or sinus congestion or even for easing muscular pain and tension – e.g. in the shoulder or neck


•             Freeze – simply place the pillow in a plastic freezer bag and freeze for a few hours and use it to help relieve headaches/migraines. It can also be used for sprains instead of ice, as it moulds around the joint really easily


•             Room temperature – if you simply want to feel the amazing benefits of Taiwan incense-cedar leaves , it can be used at room temperature to help soothe your soul. Use it to aid relaxation or meditation at the end of a yoga class


size: approx. 24 x 11 cm

weight: approx. 100-120 g

filling with Taiwan incense-cedar leaves

Made in Taiwan

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