AirBeauty Natural Anti-dementia Herbal Tea

 100% Natural Herb Tea

                   25.6% of the repair function for pituitary gland


AirBeauty 100% Natural Herbal Peptide Whitening     Firming & Cell Renewal Silk Mask

To Open the Mystery from centenarian who lives in the mountains Eyes & Ears & Brain Health Care.


This is the legend of grass from the high mountains of Taiwan for hundreds of years, and is also the health secret of the health and longevity of the rural people.

This product is made from several kinds of alpine precious green grass compound, and it has absolutely no chemical additives.

The pure, pollution-free Taiwan alpine grass compound was carefully selected and manufactured by a century-old team of tea factories, carefully baked and manufactured, and tested by GMP Modern Pharmaceutical Technology, and confirmed by animal experiments in a successful university. 

No pesticides have been tested by SGS. The chemical composition passed 311 items.

Powdered natural grass health tea bags, and tea powder contain nine kinds of rare and precious natural brain elements. The function of repairing the pituitary gland can reach the top in the world, with 25.6% of the repair function. Grass has also alerted the global laboratories.

The laboratory's digital analysis showed that the precious 9 items as follows:


1, Balance brain stem coordination cells.
2,  Reconcile the hypothalamic intraocular pressure nerve.
3, Relieve brain conduction system, relieve insomnia, headache and forgetfulness.
4. Unbelievable and outstanding results in repairing the nuclei of the hypothalamus function.
5,  Maintain the pineal gland command system and other functions.
6,  Balance the brain pressure function to anterior lobe of pituitary gland and posterior Pituitary
7, Provided SOD oxide activator and antioxidant enzymes, remove free radicals.
8, Remove calcified deposits of the brain, restore conduction.
9, Treatment and recovery for otitis media ear pressure imbalance, dizziness, vomiting immediately

※ Usage :

Adults daily 1 package (10 grams) , tea powder (2 tablespoons a total of 10 grams), mixed with warm water 500 CC . (half package for children)


※  Daily 1 bag (10 grams) for keep helath care

※ Moderately ill,  take 2 bags daily  (total 20 grams)  

※ Severe person 3 bags (30 grams in total)  daily

The clinical experiences for thirty years are as follows:

※ For early-, mid-, and late-stage severe cases, forgetfulness, dementia, dementia, irritability, insomnia, cerebral neurasthenia, and           insomnia have a repair and activation.

※ It can repair brain nerve conduction dysfunction as well reduced brain high pressure and headache.


※ Concussions caused by traumatic injuries, including old injuries, have a golden period of rapid treatment.


※ It can prevent and treat high blood pressure, stroke, remove free radicals, and maintain the functions of ear congqing eyesight and   memory extension.


※ It is excellent for the health care after brain injury  surgery and can be quickly recovered without taking painkillers.

The Main Ingredients:

Precious herbal essence

SGS Test Report

100% Natural Anti-dementia Herb Tea