BIDENS PILOSA Peptide Instant Drink


Sugar Management Peptides

Immune & Anti-Fatigue for sugar balance in your body.
BIDENS PILOSA Peptide Instant Drink is a High Quality ANTI-DIABETIC & SUGAR BALANCE
Bidens pilosa is an anti-diabetic Pharmaceutical Raw Materials used Patented techniques of New Technology Supercritical Fluid Extraction Compound Peptides and cryogenic cell-wall disintegration. More than 80% of small molecule peptides can be absorbed through intestine

  • Non- GM source.

  • Analysis report of 100 % of protein utilization rate.

  • No bitter tastes and deliquescence. High stability.

The composition of the blood sugar-lowering peptide is made up of food-grade scented flowers, fragrant orchids, and purslane. It is made by breaking the sputum and supercritical fluid. It can clear away heat and diuresis, detoxify and disperse phlegm, and treat gastrointestinal tract. The bacterial infection of the tract helps the lymphatic system to function properly.
The mechanism of action is to regulate the differentiation of the helper T lymphocytes, which is a lymphocyte cell produced by the thymus to alleviate the damage attack of the islet cells by the immune system, protect the metabolism and re-regeneration of islet cells, and promote the normal secretion of islet cells. The function of insulin not only lowers blood sugar, but also ends diabetes.
After three years of clinical trial results, the research team found that "hypoglycemic peptides", the normal function of liver GOT, GPT, and the effect of lowering blood sugar and thirst, are excellent, but can completely repair islet cells, end diabetes It is necessary to cooperate with the maintenance mentality of exercise and taboos in order to achieve the same effect of food therapy with half the effort.