Hangover Prevention Peptide Instant Drink

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Hangover Prevention Peptide Instant Drin

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Hangover Prevention Peptide Instant Drink

Hangover Prevention Peptide Instant Drink is easily absorbed to your body so that remove your hangover quickly.


The main ingredient burdock extract is an detoxify raw materials used the peptide components caused by break down protein.

Patented techniques of New Technology Supercritical Fluid Extraction Compound Peptides and cryogenic cell-wall disintegration. More than 80% of small molecule peptides can be absorbed through intestine.



  • Liver Protection

  • Protects the Brain from Oxidative Stress

  • Help you detoxify heavy metals from your body.

  • Helps Mitigate Alcohol Withdrawal

  • Clearing the free radical in body and antioxidation

  • Non- GM source.

  • Analysis report of 100 % of protein utilization rate.

  • No bitter tastes and deliquescence. High stability.


※Ingredients: peptide, Bermuda Arrowroot, burdock, pandan, orange flavor (optional).

※ Principle: 

Contains a large amount of vitamin A, B, C, mineral potassium and calcium trace elements, contains the balance between 

internal phosphorus and vitamin D,remove these toxins from your blood , accelerates the decomposition of fatty acids, clears the heat and intestines, eliminates Heavy metal in the body.

Bermuda Arrowroot
Improve liver function and help reduce GOT and GPT index

 Itself has a strong diuretic effect, coupled with a lot of antioxidant substances - polyphenols, can quickly break down alcohol. Burdock contains "chicory fiber", which can increase intestinal bacteria, stabilize blood sugar, and even protect the liver and skincare. Regular consumption of burdock roots promotes blood circulation, removes toxins from  gastrointestinal 
, prevents premature aging, moisturizes skin, prevents stroke and high blood pressure, clears intestinal detoxification, lowers cholesterol.

Burdock can help the liver detoxify. Burdock tea contains a lot of burdock and lignan, in which burdock is an anti cancer active substance. It can remove human toxins while supplementing and scheduling with nutrients, and it is very good for raising liver.

Dandelion root
  Dandelion root can promote the production of bile, break down fat, purify the blood; contains a variety of vitamins and nutrients to help the liver function properly.


*Usage : Melting in the mouth before drinking.
*Contents:30 bag

Burdock Peptide Instant Drink Hangover Prevention