Portable Body Slimmer Massager

AIR-9899 Portable Body Slimmer Massager



  • RF Radio Frenquency technology

  • Lower power

  • High- frequency through four stainless steel probe

  • Accurate focusing is located in the hypodermis

  • Making cellulite contraction and discharge of liquid fat, such as the lower abdomen, arms and legs, making the compact slimming 

How to use?

Product Structure 

LED Button

RF Button

CV Ultrasonic Button


  • Gently massage skin around the area using slimming oil, or slimming gel. 

  • Treatment time 10 minutes per area, every area two treatment two time per week. 

  • After treatment apply body cream 

  • It is recommended to use the device after the shower

  • Please clean the massager after use.

Package includes:

1 Personal Care - Body  Massager

1 Charger 

1 User Manual

114 mm

90 mm

106 mm


  • Input Voltage: AC100-240V

  • Output voltage: DC 12V 400mA

  • Working Frequency: 50-60HZ

  • Power: 20W

  • Rechargable time: 6 hours

  • Product size: 114x90x106mm

  • Net weight: 309g



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