Face & Eyes Care

Sonic Facial Cleansing Secret for Daily Skincare Routine  


Anti-aging Self Massage Waterproof  Roller


AIR-IE02 Sonic Silicone  Facial Cleansing  Brush  & Anti-aging Self Massage Waterproof  Roller


  •  IPX7 waterproof;

  • Safe food grade silicone material;

  • Two sides brush heads, used for clean face suit for all skin ;

  • Ultrasonic vibration massage cleaning;

  • Vibration frequency is high up to 7000 rpm;

  • Cleansing facial dirty, oil, makeup residue;

  • Suitable for all skin.     

  • Disassemble Brush Head Became Silicone Eye Massager.

Product Structure 

How to use?

Disassemble head brush roll gently around the upper and lower eye areas and face– always moving upward and inward, with 3 levels selection.


These cute sillion brush enhance tone the skin, tighten loose areas, and improve circulation for a brighter complexion. They also improve the skin’s ability to absorb facial products (especially great for eyes treatments).


  • Size: 150 x 40 x 40 mm

  • Weight: 136g

  • Material:ABS Silicone Food Grade

  • Battery : 3.7V/250mAH

  • Input: 5V1A

  • Charging hours: 2 hours


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