※Principle: Contains natural vitamin E, B1, B2,
 P, C, carotene, enhances gastrointestinal motility, 
inhibits dysentery bacillus and Escherichia coli, 
prevents free radical damage to cell tissues, is a 
natural antibiotic, repairs gastrointestinal ulcer 
healing. For bacterial food poisoning dysentery, 
it is better than western medicine chloramphenicol 
and guanidine, and has no side effects.

※Efficacy: eating diarrhea, loss of appetite, 
indigestion, stomach inflammation,ulcerative 
enteritis, mucus and blood, is a frequent 
constipation and the savior of long-term 
dryness syndrome 

※ Ingredients: Peptide, white flower purslane, 
phoenix grass, dandelion.


Gastrointestinal  Care

Gastrointestinal Care