Laser Hair Brush 


AIR-H001 6 in 1 Laser Hair Growth Comb Brush


The 6-in-1 Cosmetic Laser Comb promotes hair growth and metabolism of the scalp by six innovative methods:

soft laser, Pulsed Light , Micro current massage, Ionic, Vibrate and 12ml space for adding Growth or Treatment Hair Tonic


Just like any living cell also benefit your hair from light. The most common example of this is photosynthesis, wherein the energy of solar radiation is converted into chemical energy.  Similarly, does the laser light therapy. The laser light is radiated directly targeted and painless to the scalp.



  • BIO Micro electric current mainly for fur hair follicle tissue motion. 

  • Laser can activate the skin cells.                                                         

  • Portable design for personal home and traveling easy to carry

  • Skin Care Ion +/-  Cleaning & nourishing restore hair follicles healthy

  • Vibration massage

  • Support 12ml space for adding Growth or Treatment Hair Tonic

Product Structure 

Brush Head   

Water tank button

Laser Light   


Recharge light

Switch button

 Light levels indicator

USB Charger  

Brush Head   

Ionic  -




Ionic +


Infrared Therapy




  • Infrared Therapy Activates cells and promotes metabolism, removing dead cells and reproduction new ones.

  • Ozone clean up the bacteria in the hair follicle clogging junk, restoring hair follicles healthy. It stimulates the scalp and promotes blood circulation.

  • Impulse Acupuncture Adjustment can efficiently activate cells, dilate capillaries and awaken deeply-slept hair follicles.

  • With Ionic +/- it can adjust oil secretion, improve hair loss and hair quality

  • ​It can prevent headaches if you often used

How to use?

  • Add hair tonic 

    Remove the  Water tank button , move out the brush head, adding tonic  at  head back side


  • Infrared Therapy 

    Select the Infrared therary mode 

  • Blue ligth: 480 onm, 18 pcs

    • relax function

    • reduce sebum secretion

  • Red ligth: 6400 onm, 16 pcs

    • promote blood circulation

    • increase cel activity and metabolism.

  • Mix ligth: blue + red 

    • awaken deeply-slept hair follicles.

  • Voltage: DC 5V

  • Battery: 3.7V 600mA

  • Net Weight:166g/piece

  • Water tank volume:12ml

  • Vibration frequency: 5000-9000rpm


  •  Ionic  Therapy

    • Ionic +  :  Cleaning dust and died cell 

    • Ionic  -  : Nourishing , you can add growth or treatment hair tonic



Ionic  -


Ionic  +


  • Vibration

    • Massage your head 



  • Do not use it on broken skin or areas of the skin with rash

  • Avoid water on the comb body

  • Make sure your hands are dry before you remove or charge combo brush

  • Don't open and assembly by yourself

Package includes:

1- 6 in 1 Laser Hair Combo Brush 

1 USB Charger 

1 User Manual

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