Dental Care

powerful tooth powder

Food Grade Vanilla Peptide Tooth Powder 

The powerful tooth powder, stronger mouthfeel to hemp suitable for people with periodontal disease at various stages, can reduce periodontal disease, gingivitis, tooth nerve pain, redness and hemorrhage, root movement, bad breath and tongue break problem. This mouthfeel to hemp is herbals of functional anti- bacterial. 

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Food Grade Vanilla Peptide Tooth Powder 

The maintenance type is a little bit mouthfeel to hemp. The purpose is to pay attention to the problems of the mouth, gums and teeth. After correct brushing, keep the tooth powder juice for 2~5 minutes in your mouth. It is the most enjoyable experience of mouthwash. 

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* Clean oral dirt and prevent bad breath
* Clear mouth stains
* Reduce plaque
* Prevent gum bleeding
* Prevent tooth decay
* Antibacterial protection

* Pro-Health
* Mint Flavored
* Alcohol free
* Natural Mouthwash

* No artificial coloring,additives or preservatives

Hairs Care

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 Extracts No.1  

Hair Growth Essence

100% Natural Herbs Compound Raising hair Essence non-pesticide residue 

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Titanium Needles Hair Massage Roller 

540 Medical stainless steel titanium needles Derma Roller

Health Care Supplements


Natural herbs to Reduce Uric Acid in the Body, help your body get rid of uric acid and gout, also help balance your blood sugar and lower uric acid levels in your body naturally.

  • Supports urinary tract health

  • supports healthy uric acid levels

  • supports healthy kidney function

Original AirBeauty Uric Acid Complex Capsules Medicine for gout

The herbal formula combined with the anti-gout peptide nanomolecule can enter the liver, spleen and kidney of the human body. It can heal and collaterals, dehumidify and relieve pain, reduce inflammation and swelling, and uric acid crystal gout on human hand and foot joints. Inflammatory redness and swelling, immediate relief and relieved health care function,Repair cells and anti-inflammatory.

Dietary Fiber Food Peptide Tablets For Acid And Gout


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