Hot & Cooling Globes Roller 

For Eye Puffiness, Dark Circle, Pain Relief Health Massager

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 Product Description

  1. Made of Glass Filled with Magnetized Water

  2. Round and Smooth Surface for rolling on the skin

  3. Low-temperature magnetized water helps the skin to calm down allergies and irritation.

  4. Cool sensation reduces puffiness and swelling, reduce enlarged pores.

  5. Stimulates collagen fibers to improve skin elasticity, smoothing fine wrinkles.

  6. Stimulates collagen fibers to improve skin elasticity, smoothing fine wrinkles. Smart ice ball stimulate blood circulation under skin to help rid of the harmful chemicals. Accelerate the absorption of essence. Inhibit skin disease,Relieve heat,coolness,analgesic effect, anti-allergic effect and anti-pruritus effect for detumescence analgesic. Relieve the fatigue caused by overstress. Contribute to repair and regeneration of skin cell and collagen.

How to use?


Store in the refrigerator or a bowl of cold water.

Use the Cooling Ice Globes Roller by applying a rolling motion to face, back, neck, hands or feet.

Clean your cooling ice globes with alcohol before every use and then store them in a refrigerator. 

Provides a cool finishing touch at the end of each facial.

The cooling ice globes can be store at frozen to -20 degrees the cooling ice globes of liquid does not freeze, it alos can be using in hot boiling water 100 degrees does not break.


Chill these pretty wands in the freezer and roll them gently around the upper and lower eye areas and face– always moving upward and inward.

These cute globes enhance tone the skin, tighten loose areas, and improve circulation for a brighter complexion. They also improve the skin’s ability to absorb facial products (especially great for eye treatments).

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Package includes:

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Accept ODM Water or Ball Color Customized 

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AIR-IG01 360 degree Hot & Cooling Globes Roller