Mini Ice Muscle Fitness Roller

Deep Tissue  Cold Massage Ball

Heat and chill ball

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Product Description​

The Ice Muscle Fitness Roller Deep Tissue Cold Massage Ball Heat and chill ball sphere is filled with special liquid, and after special sealing process, the massage ball can massage the shoulder, back, waist, legs, arms, etc. to relax the muscles and promote blood circulation and muscle relaxation.


How to use?

The sphere can be used for more than 6 hours after being chilled for 2 hours. The product sphere is always very cold, cold, icy, has good physiotherapy effect for athletes or fitness enthusiasts, can also be used for hot compress massage, it can be used in hot water for 15~20 minutes, It has a good recovery and health care effect on muscle strain, as well as tendon and vascular dysfunction.

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Product Image


Item No. AIR-BFB01

Material : 304 steel ball with cooling gel inside     

Size : 54mm/ ball in diameter

Color : Black/Grey/Pink


Usage : Body massage, training fitness

With packing : 180g

Ball Net weight : 150g

Packaging size : 7*7*6.5cm

Carton : 100/pcs 36x36x27cm 16kgs

AIR-BFB01 Ice Muscle Fitness Roller