Hyperlipidemia Regulating Peptide Instant Drink

Taiwan Biotechnology Agriculture Industry 

Functional Formularies Instant Drink - Hyperlipidemia Regulating Peptide



End treatment of high blood pressure, high blood sugar, 
high blood fat, prevention and treatment of stroke, 
removal of blood clots, cholesterol, and blood clearing.
Modern people's diet is not balanced, leading to problems 
of high blood pressure, high blood fat, and high blood sugar, 
causing blood turbidity and hardening of blood vessels. 
Once blocked, organs will cause problems.

※Ingredients: Anti-aging peptide, Purple anthocyanidin, Margaret Rotang Palm, Portulaca oleracea, Folium llicis Latifoliae.


End hypertension, remove blood turbidity, lower cholesterol, regulate triglyceride, regulate immune function, anti-cancer to remove free radicals, restore liver function GOT, abnormal GPT index, immediately regulate blood sugar, activate insulin to thirst.

*Usage : Daily take after lunch, mix with 300cc warm water 

*Contents:30 bag

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