Lung Cleanse Peptide Instant Drink
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Lung Cleanse Peptide Instant Drink

Detox and Cleanse Your Lungs Naturally.Detox your lungs and make breathing easier,help people 

with respiratory diseases such as pneumonia pandemic.  It is also very helpful when it comes to 

common problems as colds,lung congestion,cough and flu season. Raw Materials used Patented techniques of New Technology Supercritical Fluid Extraction Compound Peptides and cryogenic cell-wall disintegration. More than 80% of small molecule peptides can be absorbed through intestine.

※Ingredients: Houttuynia cordata, Taiwan solanum, Raix isatidis, Honeysuckle, Dipeptide,Taiwan Incense Cedar Leaves.

※Efficacy: Personal Care Solutions to Combat COVID-19.

Help people with respiratory diseases such as pneumonia pandemic.

*Usage : Daily after meals, mix with 300cc warm water. 

*Contents:30 bag.

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Lung Cleanse Peptide Instant Drink Powder

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Mix with 300cc warm water

Lung Cleanse Peptide Instant Drink