Male Sexual Enhancing 

The efficacy of peptide essence has extracted 25 kinds of amino acids from natural herbal cells, such as deer velvet, damania support male sexual energy. anthocyanins, ginseng, saponins, , 
hydrolyzed peptides, carotenoids, mucopolysaccharides and various enriched with trace elements such as vitamins have strong 
antioxidant properties to eliminate damaging free radicals.

It is rich in a large number of amino acids and cystine, 
which improves the vitality of the gonads and has a tonic 
effect. It contains trace elements zinc manganese calcium, 
linolenic acid, androgens, nourishing blood. Protein 
production, promote peripheral nerve blood circulation, 
flavonoids, hormone secretion.

Natural "Principle Peptide" can promote blood circulation, strengthen bones, regenerate sperm and marrow, and 
prevent aging of tissues and organs. Withering, increasing endurance, enhancing adrenal function, and increasing the weight 
of the prostate, seminal vesicles, testicles, and sperm vitality are also suitable for infertile men.

Efficacy: kidney and impotence, blood and solid, eyesight anti-aging and anti-aging ,osteoporosis, enhanced sexual function

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