AirBeauty 100% Natural Herbal Peptide Whitening 
   Firming & Cell Renewal Silk Mask 5 PCS /Box 



*Chinese Millennium extract herbal beauty royal reverse age ancient formula.
*The newest advanced peptide technology 
*Raw natural farming, no pesticide 
*Active mineral water
*Cryogenic distillation
*Silk mask carefully selected high quality


Planting in Taiwan of 500 meters mountains all the botanical essences no pesticide, winter melons, 
winter melon seeds, camellia added pure rice wine after 12 hours of distillation essence,strictly essence without
adding a drop of water to dilute and combine with bright white peptide.

Bright white peptide is extracted from exclusive biotech extract from bright white cleansing herbs with beautiful 
skin elements essence, combined with nano-meter fine particles of ultra-fine particles penetrate quickly after contact with skin absorbed into dermis, it quickly improves dullness, darkness, firmness and smoothness.

It can quickly moisturize the skin, condition rough skin, awaken skin tension and activation, and fully repair skin 
for the skin vitality and skin firmness.

Reach soft and delicate, bright and white, showing a smooth outline of the reverse age jade surface, contract pore activate skin-recover elasticity make skin smooth , delicate.

The company specially selects the high quality of silk mask, which is light and breathable, and it is well-adsorbed. 
It truly has high quality natural 100% a formulation derived from botanical essences, its active ingredients 
maintain the skin's youthful beauty. healthy and environmentally friendly natural skin care enjoyment.


Winter melons , winter melon seeds extract, 
brewed,camellia extract, white lupine(LUPINUS 
ALBUS) Seed Extract, cysteine, superoxide 
dismutase (SOD), Protease, Oligopeptide-6,
CENTELLA ASIATICA extracts,Collagen, plant 
antibacterial agents (composed of benzoin tree
, cinchona, rosemary,Lavender, thyme, arnica,
Lemon Balm, Bergamot, Sage, Chamomile, 
henna, burdock, grapefruit, propolis , Kunfu...
More than 20 kinds of natural extracts;Contains 
caffeic acid, p-coumaric acid, ferulic acid,
Golden chicken acid, flavonoids,Α-cadinol, 
T-cadinol,T-muurolol, rhein, emodin

What is BWP bright white peptide?

Bright white peptide is extracted from plants with brightening effect. It is separated and hydrolyzed by exclusive patented biotechnology. The essence of the plant is the most extreme skin brightening essence. Its mechanism of action is confirmed by experimental data, nano-meter level Micro-particle molecules can quickly enter the cell after contact with the skin, and use enzymes to quickly decompose the deposition of melanin, so that you can quickly improve the dullness of the skin, and its role is a biological reaction, will not cause "anti-black effect". It is the best material biotechnology to improve skin color.

Skin absorption difference from ​large, medium, small molecules

Small molecules can be easily absorbed into our dermis avoid skin dark and wrinkly

 Active mineral water SGS test report

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