AirBeauty 100% Natural Herbal Peptide Whitening                                 Anti-wrinkle Moisturizing Mask  5 PCS/Box


*Chinese Millennium extract herbal beauty royal reverse age ancient formula.
*The newest advanced peptide technology 
*Raw natural farming, no pesticide 
*Active mineral water
*Cryogenic distillation
*Silk mask carefully selected high quality


Planting in Taiwan of 500 meters mountains all the botanical essences no pesticide, papaya, sweet-scented osmanthus, almonds,fresh milk is added and the essence is decanted after ten hours of distillation. without water added and combined with high technology EGP peptide, which is made from exclusive biotechnology.

A substance that is completely similar to the cell structure of the skin and its molecular weight is extremely small and can be directly penetrated by the skin of the superficial layer. Absorption reaches the inner layer, rapidly activating and renewing the skin, improving the metabolic slow degradation and ending fine wrinkles occur. All raw materials are refined by pure natural substances and therefore have a mild, hypoallergenic, and the characteristics that do not hurt the skin are the natural ingredients that are anti-aging, wrinkle-resisting and have excellent results.

This product can quickly moisturize the skin, regulate the skin's water retention, and awaken the skin's tension 
and activation.

Repairs the skin to a supple, radiant, bright complexion with a more translucent elasticity. More specifically 
selected top silk mask, light and breathable, obedient, and easy to absorb the essence of living muscle essence.




Green papaya extract, Almond extract, Peach 
extract, Fresh milk extract, Cysteine,Phaseolus 
angularis , Colostrum, Elastin, Protease, 
Oligopeptide-3, Collagen, Plant antibacterial 
agents(Benzoin tree, Cinnamome , Rosemary, 
Lavender, Thyme, Arnica, Lemon balm,
Bergamot, sage, chamomile, henna,Burdock, 
grapefruit, propolis, quinoa, etc. More than 
20 kinds Natural extracts; with caffeic acid, 
p-coumaric acid,Ferulic acid, colistrium acid, 
flavonoids, α-cadinol, T-cadinol, T-muurolol, 
rhein,Rhubarb, aloe-emodin)

What is EGP anti-aging peptide?

EGP anti-aging peptide is a substance similar to the skin cell structure, and its very small molecular weight can be directly absorbed by the superficial skin to reach the dermis, so that the dermis is rapidly activated and renewed, aiming at rapid improvement of metabolism, and its raw material is made from natural substances. Because it is extracted, it is mild, hypoallergenic, and does not hurt the skin. It is the natural ingredient that has the best anti-aging effect so far.

Skin absorption difference from ​large, medium, small molecules

Small molecules can be easily absorbed into our dermis avoid skin dark and wrinkly

Active mineral water SGS test report 

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