Taiwan Spring Water  Natural Herbal Extract  

AirBeauty 100% Natural Herbal Peptide Whitening     Firming & Cell Renewal Silk Mask


Fresh and refreshing the most natural and mild mouthwash on the market 100% ingredients are taken from nature! An unique natural formula natural herbal extract mouthwash.

Pure natural pesticide-free,  No alcohol No artificial coloring,additives or preservatives. Safe and healthy!
Adulthood,Children, the elderly can use daily



* Clean oral dirt and prevent bad breath
* Clear mouth stains
* Reduce plaque
* Prevent gum bleeding
* Prevent tooth decay
* Antibacterial protection

* Pro-Health
* Mint Flavored
* Alcohol free
* Natural Mouthwash

* No artificial coloring,additives or preservatives


 ※ How to use: Take about 15 ml when cleaning the mouth, continue washing for 20-30 seconds
  Spit out, do not dilute with water, use no water after rinsing, an antimicrobial mouth rinse to help reduce plaque between your teeth.

 ※Ingredients : Tsinghua cinnamon, mint, Houttuynia cordata,  Calocedrus Formosana etc. extract .

Mouthwash ingredients, can penetrate between the teeth, rapid removal of tartar, teeth stains.

 ※ Place of Origin: Taiwan

AirBeautyTaiwan "Spring Water  Natural Herbal Extract Mouthwash"