Pressure Relief Peptide Instant Drink

Anti-dementia & Anti Unbalanced Ear Pressure

Anti-dementia & Anti Unbalanced Ear Pressure in your body.
Pressure Relief Peptide Instant Drink is a High Quality  Anti-dementia & Anti Unbalanced Ear Pressure.
Anoectochilus is repaired brain nerve conduction dysfunction as well reduced brain high pressure and headache Pharmaceutical Raw Materials used Patented techniques of New Technology Supercritical Fluid Extraction Compound Peptides and cryogenic cell-wall disintegration. More than 80% of small molecule peptides can be absorbed through intestine

  • Non- GM source.

  • Analysis report of 100 % of protein utilization rate.

  • No bitter tastes and deliquescence. High stability.

  • Balance brain stem coordination cells.

  • Reconcile the hypothalamic intraocular pressure nerve.

  •  Relieve brain conduction system, relieve insomnia, headache and forgetfulness.

  • Unbelievable and outstanding results in repairing the nuclei of the hypothalamus function.

  • Maintain the pineal gland command system and other functions.

  • Balance the brain pressure function to anterior lobe of pituitary gland and posterior Pituitary.

  • Provided SOD oxide activator and antioxidant enzymes, remove free radicals.

  • Remove calcified deposits of the brain, restore conduction.

  • Treatment and recovery for otitis media ear pressure imbalance, dizziness, vomiting immediately.

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