The peptide derived from the pineal gland is a peptide composed 
of four amino acids. The thymus is a peptide composed of two amino 
acids, which can help cells to regenerate and resist inflammation.

Efficacy: Keep cardiovascular continuity, remove cardiovascular wall impurities and blood clots, remove blood turbidity and high cholesterol, eliminate triglyceride special effects, restore cardiovascular elasticity, arrhythmia, valve insufficiency, chest tightness, cold sweat, eliminate heart Parasites, supplement the 
heart with hypoxia, strengthen the powerful heart.

Fungus beta1-6 carbon sugar: can dissolve body fat, 
blood vessels will not block, no stroke, cardiovascular 
disease, and thrombosis. In the first 10 days of eating, 
the fat is discharged when it is used, because it will 
decompose excess fat in the body. If it is fat in the 
gallbladder and liver, it will be slightly black.

 Prevent Myocardial Infarction

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