Prostate Herbal Peptide Instant Drink

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Prostate Herbal Peptide instant

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Prostate Herbal Peptide Instant Drink

Prostate Care Natural Herbal Peptides 
Remedies For Enlarged Prostate 

The formula is enriched with pure 
herbs and peptides to treat the problem of Enlarged Prostate 
and acts as ‘Support System’ to maintain optimal prostate 
health. It regulates the size of prostate and shrinks the 
enlargement, if any. It strengthens the bladder and promotes 
good urinary tract health, thus improves virility and performance.

• Best  FUNCTIONAL FORMULARIES FOOD for Enlarged Prostate.
• Reduce pain & burning during urination.
• Prevent weak & dribbling urine stream.
• Promotes healthy urine flow.
• Helps in frequent urination.

※Ingredients: Equisetum, Peanut Root, Maogen, Tetrapeptide, Dipeptide , Centella , Lemongrass.

*Usage : Daily before meals, mix with 300cc warm water 
*Contents:30 bag

prostate herbal peptide instant
Prostate Herbal Peptides Instant Drink