RF Radio Frequency Photothermal Care


AIR-R02 RF Radio Frequency Photothermal Care 



  • 45 dot matrix electrode beauty head can effectively repair skin, treated both symptoms and root causes, working more efficiency.

  • Beautiful mini light, portable, it can meet the care needs whenever and wherever possible.

  • Adding infrared lighting function, improves blood circulation, promotes the new supersedes the old, eliminated facial fatigue.

  • In high, middle and low intensity output mode, suitable for all kinds of people and their skin.

  • Intelligent low voltage alarm, charging, saturated tips highlight human function. 

  • Comfortable treatment, fast effect and low cost

Product Structure 


How to use?

Step 1:  

  • Clean the area to be treated

  • Take a suitable amount of gel or essence, apply on the area to be treated.

  Step 2:

  • Press switch button to turn on the device.

  • Press the mode selection button to choose the range of treatment.

  •  Note: Please test in arm area before operation in face for the first time, choose the range of treatment according to what degree of stimulation and heat you can tolerate.

  • Press once for  low-range light once (green bright)

  • Press twice for mid-range  (green bright)

  • Press Mode button three times for high-range  (green bright)

  Step 3:

  • Use the different position, according to the area to be treated and the effect sought.

  • The infrared light care, automatically turns on when you press the switch button.

  • Press the switch button to turn off the device after the finished the treatment. 


During the treatment process you will feel the skin fever or a slight tingling, some users will feel a slight redness in the skin after use. This phenomenon usually disappear after using a few minutes, if the user skin feel abnormal heating during treatment it is recommended to stop using and let your skin cools. 


  • Materials: Imported ABS plastic

  • RF frequency:  1MHZ

  • Power: 5W

  • Adaptor input:  AC100-240V

  • Adaptor output:  AC 9V 2A

  • Product size: 20x 5 cm

  • Net weight: 323g



  • Do not wash it in water. Clean the massager head with towel or tissue after use .

  • Pregnant women need to be used under the guidance from  doctors.

  • If you are in the last half year with injection of hyaluronic acid, collagen, does not recommend to use

  • If you had injection of artificial fillers (such as silica gel), please avoid that area

  • A device for heart disease, cardiac pacemaker and pregnant women should not use.

  • Treatment body are prohibited from wearing any metal items.

  • Treatment do not make-up, or on the day before treatment to clean the face

  • Keep out of the reach of children

Package includes:

1 Air-R02 RF Radio Frequency Photothermal Care 

1 AC adaptor 100~240V

1 User Manual

AIR-R02 RF Radio Frequency Photothermal Care