Thermal Ionic Micro-Vibration Facial Massager

AIR-S23H Thermal Ionic Micro-Vibration Facial Massager 


  • Intellectualized design, ON/OFF touch control, NO switch

  • Iontophoresis promote skin care cream, gel, lotion essence penetrating into skin basal layer, activate skin cells and remove fine lines and wrinkles.

  • 158 times/s high-frequency micro-vibration massage, stimulate dermal brood cells, accelerate regrowth of collagen,restore elastic fiber.

  • Comfortable thermal care massage head maintain heat effect 42°C±3°C, open the pores and refresh skin, keeping skin firm, glossy and elastic.

  • Diagonal design of massage head fitting skin closely, lift and massage skin all-round including corners of nose and mouth.

  • Considerate protection cap as accessory to avoid massage head from scratched. To prevent vibration and consume battery electricity when touched carelessly.


Battery Cover 

Sensor Plate 

Ion Massage Head  

Indicating light  

Product Structure 

Battery Compartment 

How to use?

It is suitable for 1 or 2 times per treatment, 2 mins per day

Requires a rest period of 6 hours between uses.

In 1 to 2 weeks an improvement should be visible.

  1. Rotate counter-clockwise and insert 1 x AAA battery in battery compartment. Rotate clockwise and close it.

3.  Gently massage skin around wrinkle part. Make sure contacting the silver plate sensor when use. Hold the head against your skin, it will turn ON by contact and turn OFF when releasing it automatically.

2.  Apply desired cream or essence on face.

​4.  Please clean the massage head after use it and put on the cap. 

Tips for Professional Use 

Around Eyes 

Use it together with skin care cream of your preference. Move evenly and gently massage from one side to side, to lift, smooth, and deep nourish skin around eyes. 

Mouth corners 

Lift up the corners of mouth, massage tighten the lip line.


Upward massaging from eyebrow to hair line, 158 times/s high-frequency micro-vibration massage, activates skin cells, promotes nutrition penetration, soothes brows and relax      pressure.


Along with upward massaging of neck and with the help of Eye Wrinkle Ironer ions & high-frequency micro-vibration, our skin absorb essence completely, moisturized deeply and youthful appearance comes.


Massage the cheeks upward and outward, accelerates blood circulation, stimulates dermal blood cells, decomposes extra facial fat, removes fine wrinkles firm and slims face.


  • Materials: ABS and Zinc Alloy

  • Temperature: 42 ±3°C

  • Power: 750mW

  • Battery: AAA (1.5V)

  • Voltage: DC 1.5V

  • Operating current: 600 mA 

  • Vibration frequency: 158 times/s

  • Product size: 20 x 20 x 120 mm

  • Net weight: 18g


120 mm

20 mm


Package includes:

1 Thermal Ionic Micro-Vibration Facial Massager

1 User Manual

  • This item use 1*AAA (not included). Please install correctly according to polarity mark in battery compartment.

  • Do not wash it in water. Clean the massager head with towel or tissue after use .

  • Only for facial

  • Pregnant women need to be used under the guidance from  doctors

  • Do not use  for:

    • Facial neuropathy patients

    • Metal allergy

    • Medical treating

    • Eyeball, ear and throat, contusion and abnormal parts of inflammation

    • Parts of the wound

    • Surgery site

  • Please take out the battery if not used for a long time

  • Keep out of the reach of children

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