AIR-USF01 Ultrasonic / Ionic +/- / LED color lights

Nutrition / Wrinkle & Acne Remover 


Smart Triple Functions Design

LED BIO vibration massage function

Ionic + / - cleanse and nutrition lead in

Ultrasonic waves treatment

  • Remove Acne 

  • Anti-Wrinkle

  • Skin cleaning

  • Whitening and improving dull skin 

  • Face lifting 

  • Smooth pouch 



  • Improve skin elasticity and luster

  • Promote collagen growth

  • Nutrition lead in

  • Skin rejuvenation

  • Wrinkle removal

  • Face lifting

Product Description

 Antioxidant nano stainless steel Made in Germany




 Color light

Red light for wrinkle removal 

620 NM wavelength 

Blue light for removes acne

415 NM wavelength

Double combination for comprehensive skin care,Improve the permeation of skin care and help to improve effect of all skin care.



How to use?

  • Please move up forwarder on face with essence.

  • Hold on the smart sensor area

  •  Face treatment time is about 10 minutes



  • Materials: Imported ABS plastic Antioxidant nano stainless steel Made in Germany

  • Power: 0.3W

  • Battery: AAA x 3

  • Product size: 100x59x31mm

  • Net weight: 49g

  • Gift Box packing


  • Don't use it in places bellow 0 degrees celsius or over 40 degrees celsius.

  • Do not wash it in water. Clean the massager head with towel or tissue after use .

  • Only for facial

  • Pregnant women need to be used under the guidance from  doctors

  • Do not use for:

    • Facial neuropathy patients

    • Metal allergy

    • Medical treating

    • Eyeball, ear and throat, contusion and abnormal parts of inflammation

    • Parts of the wound

    • Surgery site

  • Keep out of the reach of children

Package includes:

1  AIR-USF01

1 User Manual

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