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 100% Silk Fabrics Soft Gel Cool or Hot

Sleeping Eye Mask Enjoy New SPA For Your Eyes


Option USB Heat Mask Temperature Control Therapy 

Product benefit

  • The skin care effect of mulberry silk is a complex protein. It is a natural protein fiber. It contains 18 kinds of amino acids beneficial to the human body. It can improve the vitality of cells by contacting the skin. It can also prevent the function of hardening and anti-aging of blood vessels. The skin maintains the metabolism of the surface lipid film, which can keep the skin moist and smooth, and is very helpful to the health and beauty of the human body. 

  • Elastic strap adjust form eye mask

  • 100% light block anywhere bending arbitrary cartilage design effectively, close to nose, keep all light out

  •  Release you facial stress and help get into sleep quickly , also suit for noontime snooze, travel, Yoga and meditation. 

Artificial Silk 100% Heating eye mask.png
USB heat temperature controller.PNG
USB LCD temperature and timer.png
  • Easily powered by computer, power bank, USB adapter. Easy to take it everywhere you go.Inspired by disposable hot steam eye mask but our USB heated eye mask is more economical & eco-friendly. Effectively relieve stress, dry eyes, blepharitis, dark circle, puffy eyes and styes. 

Product colors OEM welcome

BEM07  100% Silk Fabrics Soft Gel Cool or Hot Eye Mask
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