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Radio Frequency Hot Red &  EMS Cool Blue Light Facial & Eye Care

Anti Wrinkle Aging Beauty Massager

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RF & EMS Beauty Instrument.PNG


  • 4 dot matrix electrode beauty head can effectively repair skin, treated both symptoms and root causes, working more efficiency.

  • Beautiful and light shape, portable, it can meet the care needs whenever and wherever possible.

  • Adding infrared lighting function, improves blood circulation, promotes the new supersedes the old, eliminated facial fatigue.

  • At mode RF function 42 degree heating promotes the absorption of skin care products,  lifting and tightening, remove dark circles, make skin elastic, eye corner lifting and tightening, stimulation deep into the skin's layers for improved circulation. The activation of your lymphatic system helps cleanse dead and dying skin cells,revealing fresh new skin cells that look young and smooth. Minor skin imperfections simply fade away, replaced with supple facial skin.

  • At mode Microcurrent EMS function blue light care, gently lifts and tones your skin, upping your collagen and elastin production. Promote absorption, calm and fade more elastin fibers and collagen thickness.

  • High-frequency vibration massage works to relax and open pores gently for maximum absorption of your chosen serum, keep your skin nourished and supple ,relieve eye fatigue and fade fine lines.

  • Eye beauty, lip beauty, V-face three in one.

Product Structure 

RF & EMS Eye care.PNG

How to use?

Step 1:  

  • Clean the area to be treated

  • Take a suitable amount of gel or essence, apply on the area to be treated.

  Step 2:

  • Press switch button to turn on the device.

  • Press the mode selection button to choose the range of treatment.

  •  Note: Please test in arm area before operation in face for the first time,  

  •  Mode and display, long press the power button for 2 seconds to turn on the device. 

  • Blue light(EMS): rapid shrink pores to strengthen the skin elasticity to promote skin absorption help to reduce edema and rejuvenation

  • Red light(RF): help pore expansion promote blood circulation Promote cell viability dredging lymphatic

  • Blue light + Red light : Vibration


  • Please keep it out of the reach of children.

  • Please do not use with following symptoms: heart disease patients, severe patients, acute patients, infectious patients, allergic physical patients, dermatitis, etc.

  • Please do not use during pregnancy and lactation.

  • Please do not use in the following areas: wound, plastic surgery, eyeball.

  • Keep away from fire and high temperature.

  • Please stop using the device when it is abnormal.

  • Low battery: Red light flashing ( power off after 3 seconds)

  • Full charged: the blue light is always on.

  • If you are in the last half year with injection of hyaluronic acid, collagen, does not recommend to use.

  • If you had injection of artificial fillers (such as silica gel), please avoid that area.

  • Treatment body are prohibited from wearing any metal items.

  • Treatment do not make-up, or on the day before treatment to clean the face.


  • Do not wash it in water. Clean the massager head with towel or tissue after use.

  • Please do not use other charging cables to avoid damaging the device.

  • Please do not use disassemble or repair this product by yourself to avoid damage.

  • Please avoid falling and hitting the product to avoid damage.

  • Do not rinse the product directly with water.


  • Materials: Aluminium

  • Efficacy & Effectiveness : Skin care

  • Heating Rate: 20 seconds

  • Power Supply: Type-c charging wire

  • Input: 5V

  • Rated Voltage 3.7V

  • Battery Capacity: 350MA

  • Charging: 2 hours full charge

  • Product size: 118x24x24 mm

  • Net weight: 68g


Package includes:

1 Main body

1 Type C cable

1 User Manual

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