Lavender USB Heat Mask Temperature Control Therapy Compress Ice Bag

Eye Mask for Sweet Sleeping

  • Super soft fuzzy

  • Softable effect cloth backing

  • Timer & Temperature control

  • Skin-Friendly

  • Aromatherapy Eye Relaxer


  • AROMATHERAPY EYE RELAXER: Stuffed with natural lavender flower, eye mask provides calming aroma-therapeutic benefits. Perfect for yoga, meditation, puffy eyes, helping relieve stress, insomnia, migraines and headaches.

  • USB heated eye mask is specially designed with super soft & smooth cloth which is extremely lightweight,comfortable and skin friendly. The cloth on the back side can make you feel softable and relaxed. It's easy to adjust the strap and comfortable to wear, fits different sizes of head. The cover is removable and washable.

  • Easily powered by computer, power bank, USB adapter. Easy to take it everywhere you go.Inspired by disposable hot steam eye mask but our USB heated eye mask is more economical & eco-friendly. Effectively relieve stress, dry eyes, blepharitis, dark circle, puffy eyes and styes. 

  • With lavender warm heating eye mask for sleeping, an excellent sensory deprivation will help you to clear your mind and dissolve away the day's stress, anxiety or tiredness, give you a full relaxation, a faster and deep sleep.



What on the package ?
1* Eye mask Cover (washable)
1* Lavender Scented Heated
1* Time and Temperature Adjust USB 5V Cable


Optional : Cool Pad.

How to use ?
A : For Heated Eyes Mask :
1. Put the lavender scented heated into the eyes mask cover , connect USB with the heating adaptor 
2.Connect the USB with power bank /computer /wall plug
3.Set the time and temperature
4. If you want it with heated steam , you can use the spray bottle spray some water into the mask cover

B: For Cool Eyes Mask
1. Put the cool compress into refrigerator freeze few mins
1.Get the lavender scented heated out of the mask
2.Put the cool compress into the eyes mask
3.Wear the eyes mask

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